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My Smart Home. Step by step from start to… Part 1. Implementation based on Home Assistant. The first steps. Hardware.

  Introduction Congratulations to everyone who periodically reads my blog. This time it will be about my attempt to implement the smart home model. It all started down to the banal simple, with the purchase of a small townhouse. And … Continue reading

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About Me

About Me Welcome! You have found my blog dedicated to Virtualization, Cloud technology and Infrastructure as Code. I am Andrey Romanenko, IT architect for virtualization and cloud solutions, as well as an Instructor in these and related areas. I live … Continue reading

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Hello everyone!One area of my business is working as an IT instructor. For over 20 years I have been explaining the work of complex IT systems in simple words. For more than 10 years I have been a Certified Microsoft … Continue reading

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Hello Everyone! On the air, Andrew Romanenko. I am an IT Architect and Instructor. My main specialization and area of professional interests is Virtualization, Cloud Technologies, Infrastructure as a Code and everything that has to do with this topic. This … Continue reading

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