VMware Training. Season 2021-2022. Part 1. Introduction. Authorized Training. Learning Paths.


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Last year we published a series of articles “VMware Learning. Year 2020”. Vmware recently released an updated “VMware Learning Course Catalog October – December 2021“.

So, we’re starting a new series of articles called “Learning VMware. Season 2021-2022.”, in which we will consider all new educational directions of VMware and we will update the information on previous versions of courses.

To begin with, let us recall the features of authorized training.

Authorized Training

Authorized training from the vendor is a pointer to the best way to master this or that technology. Training programs vary in duration, difficulty level, target audience, training format. Given the trends of recent events in the world, training centers will have to reorient themselves mainly to online learning.

The main components of authorized training are branded textbooks, access to the laboratory environment during training, certified instructors. The training programs themselves are focused on official international certification and are based on new versions of products and technologies, reflect the latest advances in virtualization and cloud technologies in VMware. The content of the Authorized trainings of the last generation have a practice-oriented nature and form the professional competencies of the specialist. VMware provides an equally high level of education, regardless of the location of the training center, controls the content of courses, provides educational and methodological and technical support. There is a system and regulations for training and certification of instructors. An independent certification system allows course participants to obtain internationally recognized documents. Different forms of training allow students to choose the most convenient training option.

To understand the list of training programs and directions, you must visit the official resource: VMware Learning and the corresponding section with the areas of study: Learning Paths.

Learning Paths

In the last school season 2020-2021 in Vmware Education were formed four major product areas of study:

  • Data Center Virtualization & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure;
  • Network Virtualization & Security;
  • Virtualization & Cloud Management Platform;
  • Desktop, Application Virtualization & Mobility.

Now there are five such major product areas:

  • Multi-Cloud;
  • Virtual Cloud Network;
  • Digital Workspace;
  • App Modernization;
  • Intrinsic Security.

Brief Summary

In this article, we have read the list of areas and specifics of authorized training VMware. In the next post, we will learn about Multi-Cloud training programs.

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