VMware Learning. Year 2020. Part 1. Introduction. Authorized Training. Learning Paths.


High-quality work with IT technologies implies the presence of a certain level of competencies, knowledge and experience. The acquisition of these skills usually takes place in three key stages: Training, Practice, Certification.

In this series of publications, let’s consider what VMware has prepared for us in the 2020-2021 season in the context of training programs.

Everything related to certification, as well as how and where to acquire important practical skills, is the subject of the next series of articles.

Authorized Training

Authorized training from the vendor is a pointer to the best way to master this or that technology. Training programs vary in duration, difficulty level, target audience, training format. Given the trends of recent events in the world, training centers will have to reorient themselves mainly to online learning.

To understand the list of training programs and directions, you must visit the official resource: VMware Education Services and the corresponding section with the areas of study: VMware Learning Paths.

Learning Paths

Currently, VMware Education has formed four major product training areas:

  • Data Center Virtualization & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure;
  • Network Virtualization & Security;
  • Virtualization & Cloud Management Platform;
  • Desktop, Application Virtualization & Mobility.

Brief Summary

In this article, we have read the list of areas and specifics of authorized training VMware. In the next post, we will learn about VMware Data Center Virtualization & Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure training programs.

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