VMware vRealize Operations Manager. Scripting and programming. Part 1. Introduction. Laboratory Environment. First Steps with Power CLI.


Hello to all readers of the blog about SDDC and Architecture, Solution, Implementation and Operations as Code.

Today we will talk about such a conceptual approach as Operation as Code, as part of the strategy Anything as Code.

And I will use these features for a product like VMware vRealize Operations Manager, from VMware Realize Suite. Part of this material was written long ago, for version 6.x, but even today has not lost its relevance. I will start my story with the simple technologies of VROPs 6.x and gradually move to the 7.x and 8.x versions, gradually complicating the material.

We will need a laboratory environment to understand and test the code that will be published. So let’s start with his brief description.

Laboratory Environment

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