Microsoft Training

In the spring of 2019, Microsoft implemented changes in some areas of training and certification. This primarily affected the direction of technology Microsoft Azure.

The following levels of development and competency are established: Beginner (Fundamentals) -> Junior, Specialist (Associate) -> Engineer, Senior (Expert).

Based on this gradation, several new roles, professions, are additionally formed. I would like to briefly talk about the main ones. To prepare for certification or to increase your level of knowledge, you can choose one or more of the trainings that I conduct. The full list is published on the Training / Microsoft / Courses page.

Azure Fundamentals ★

AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals is a basic exam in Azure certification. It is intended for those who want to demonstrate their basic knowledge of cloud services using Microsoft Azure. To prepare for the exam, you can use the AZ-900 course in one-day (AZ-900T01-A) or two-day (AZ-900T00-A) version.

Azure Administrator Associate ★★

The Azure Administrator is a specialist in managing cloud services that cover cloud storage, networking, and data processing capabilities. Services are managed using the following tools — the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, Cloud Shell, and the Azure command-line interface. An Azure administrator can determine the best set of services for the best system performance, as well as monitor and modify the set of services depending on the situation.

To become an Azure administrator, you must pass the AZ-103 Exam: Microsoft Azure Administrator. To prepare for the exam, it is advisable to attend the AZ-103 course: Microsoft Azure Administrator (4 days), which covers the migration of servers to Azure, the introduction and management of application services, the introduction of additional virtual network capabilities and secure connections.